Case Studies


Retirement Planning Journey

Margaret is a trailblazer in the biomedical industry, with an impressive career spanning testing labs, committees, medical device development, and industry conference leadership. As a successful career woman, she has always preferred to delegate her finances to a professional so she can focus on her work. But when her previous financial planner retired, she needed to find someone new.


On the Path to Financial Stability

Michael, now in his mid 50s, has worked as a Medical Device Representative for 25 years. He’d reached a point where he needed help managing his income and keeping his finances organized. He knew that both his profession and his company benefits were unique, and that finding a financial advisor who understood them might be difficult.


Retirement Funds Managed Right

Linda is a Biomedical Engineer in her 50s who specializes in surgical tool design for the medical device industry. As retirement approached, she wanted to ensure her hard-earned finances were secure and well-managed, allowing her to focus on her passions: her profession, traveling, and enjoying life.