Retirement Funds Managed Right

Linda is a Biomedical Engineer in her 50s who specializes in surgical tool design for the medical device industry. As retirement approached, she wanted to ensure her hard-earned finances were secure and well-managed, allowing her to focus on her passions: her profession, traveling, and enjoying life.


Linda was looking to partner with a knowledgeable and responsible financial advisor who could help her manage her finances wisely. Linda needed someone who could coordinate investment accounts, provide multi-year tax planning, and make sure her financial plan was on track. If that advisor had a thorough understanding of her unique benefits as a MedTech employee – even better.


Finding the right financial advisor was daunting for Linda. She had worked with her previous advisor for many years and was worried she would never find someone who could provide the same level of care and attention. Linda was seeking a financial advisor who would give her confidence that her financial well-being was in good hands.


When Linda met her current advisor at Perspective 6 Group, she knew she had found the right fit. Unlike other professionals she had spoken with, advisors at Perspective 6 were thoughtful, capable, and genuinely cared about her financial well-being. Linda could tell her advisor was passionate about their work, knowledgeable about her industry, and would take responsibility for managing her assets carefully.


The Perspective 6 team helped Linda build a financial plan based on her goals, ethics, and unique employment benefits. What Linda appreciates most is that the team is always available when she has any questions. Now, she trusts Perspective 6 completely and is certain that her finances are in capable hands.

For illustrative purposes only, not indicative of any specific investment product.