MWA Ep. 16: Jacob’s Journey: Built on Integrity and Family Values

The MedTech Wealth Advisor Podcast Graphic with Matthew Nelson & Jacob LaRue for Episode 16: Jacob's Journey

In this week’s dialogue on the MedTech Wealth Advisor Podcast, host Matt Nelson, CFP®, AIF®, ECA welcomes Jacob LaRue, CFP®, a pivotal team member whose personal and professional journey offers a unique perspective on the financial planning landscape. Growing up in a Chicago suburb, Jacob’s early life lessons in integrity, teamwork, and diligence have deeply influenced his financial advisory approach.

What drives a financial planner to focus on factors beyond the numbers?

Key Highlights:

  • Values at the Core:
    • Reflecting on his family’s entrepreneurial background, Jacob explains how these moral and ethical standards have become the cornerstone of his professional life
  • Educational and Career Evolution:
    • Jacob traces his journey from an aspiring baseball player to a dedicated financial planner, emphasizing the critical courses and extracurriculars at Western Kentucky University that shaped his path
  • Focus on Clients:
    • Jacob details his commitment to ethical, client-oriented advising, shaped by handling diverse client situations and focusing on personalized financial plans
  • Empathetic Advising:
    • He stresses the importance of recognizing clients’ backgrounds and motivations, blending analytical skills with empathy to tailor advice effectively
  • Life Beyond Numbers:
    • Jacob shares personal stories, including how he met his wife in a financial planning class, illustrating how personal and professional lives intertwine
  • Resilience in Practice:
    • Sharing a mantra from his baseball days, Jacob highlights the role of resilience and optimism in overcoming professional challenges

Explore these insights and more to understand the profound impact of personal values and professional integrity in the world of financial planning.


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About Jacob LaRue

Jacob LaRue started working for the Perspective 6 Group as a Financial Advisor in 2016. Jacob is passionate about financial planning and believes in an all-encompassing approach to the planning process. His main goal is to help families and individuals pursue their personal and financial goals. In his role, Jacob assists the team in financial plan development, investment management, and meeting with clients to review their plans and portfolio the team has put in place.

In his free time Jacob loves to spend time with his family, Haley, Jace, Maeve, and their cat, Kitty. They enjoy traveling, playing sports, and trying new local foods and shops. Outside family life, Jacob enjoys football, baseball, golf, and playing on a local flag football team.

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