MWA Ep. 17: Fundamentals of Estate Planning with Jen Santini

The MedTech Wealth Advisor Podcast Graphic with Matthew Nelson & Jen Santini, J.D. for Episode 17: The Fundamentals of Estate Planning with Jen Santini, J.D.

Did you know you have an estate plan whether you know it or not? 

Uncover the critical importance of choosing the right proxies in estate planning with professional guidance on this episode of the MedTech Wealth Advisor Podcast. Matt Nelson discusses the fundamentals of estate planning with Jen Santini, an esteemed leader within the Minnesota State Bar Association. Throughout the episode, Santini unravels the complexities of estate planning, providing structured strategies and emphasizing its necessity for everyone, not just the wealthy.

Key Highlights:

  • Estate Planning Fundamentals:
    • Santini stresses the broad scope of estate planning, including vital preparations for unexpected incapacitation
  • Choosing the Right Proxies:
    • The discussion spotlights typical mistakes in proxy selection, advocating for choices that reflect personal values instead of defaulting to family hierarchies
  • Understanding Power of Attorney:
    • Santini dispels common myths surrounding POA, focusing on spousal rights and the scope of responsibilities
  • Complexities of Guardianships and Beneficiaries:
    • Insights into the delicate issues of nominating guardians and beneficiaries underscore the critical role of wills
  • Call to Proactive Planning:
    • The episode wraps up with a persuasive call to action for listeners to actively engage in their estate planning to avoid legal and familial complications
  • And much more!

Tune in to gain actionable advice and ensure your estate planning aligns perfectly with your wishes, safeguarding your legacy for the future.


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About Jen Santini, J.D.

From an early age, Jen knew she wanted to go to law school. Not because she came from a family of attorneys but because she enjoyed solving problems and helping others. Being a lawyer was a way to combine her passions. However, she did not expect that she’d ultimately practice primarily as a trusts & estates attorney. 

Prior to forming Sykora & Santini PLLC, Jen spent the majority of her professional career in the financial services industry in Boston. During law school, Jen worked in the legal department at Putnam Investments and then transitioned to MFS Investment Management. At both companies, she focused on legal matters complying with SEC, FINRA and state regulations. In addition, Jen has worked on corporate governance matters, such as reorganization of departments, rebranding of products, and mergers and acquisitions.

Upon graduation from law school, Jen moved to the Twin Cities. She did not intend to start her own firm but partnering with Jayne to do so has been one of her best decisions. She loves working with people and enjoys learning about her clients’ life stories – both personally and professionally.

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