Financial Advisory for MedTech: A Unique Approach

What Makes Perspective 6 Group Unique? In the world of financial advisory firms, finding one that stands out amidst the multitude can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Perspective 6 Group aims to redefine…

By Emily Peterson
February 29, 2024

2 Min Read
Photograph of Partner, Matthew Finley, standing down the hall in a doorway with Perspective 6 Group's logo on the wall in the foreground to illustrate the journey of Perspective 6 Group.

The Journey of Perspective 6 Group

Let’s take a dive into the roots and journey of Perspective 6 Group. Including its evolution, the team behind its success, and the principles steering its course. The Beginning: A Transition from Solo to Group 2006…

By Emily Peterson
February 1, 2024

3 Min Read
Photograph of a man and woman looking at documents with a gavel to illustrate the passing of the Secure Act 2.0.

Secure Act 2.0: Catch-up Contribution Rules

What is the Secure Act 2.0? The Secure Act 2.0, originally introduced in December of 2022, brings about some potential changes to your retirement plan. Within Secure Act 2.0 there are a variety of changes coming…

By Jacob LaRue
January 18, 2024

2 Min Read