5 Ways to Maximize your Medtronic 401k Plan

How to max out your benefits plan as a Medtronic employee

What You Get:

  • How to maximize Medtronic’s matching contribution
  • How to minimize fees to earn more from your investments
  • The strategy you can use with your Medtronic investment choices to easily save 5-10X the fees you would pay over staying in the default investment options
  • How to position yourself to receive more than Medtronic’s “maximum” contribution
  • How to quickly and painlessly reach your optimum contribution levels
  • How to control the timing of your contribution increase to your best advantage
  • How long to stay with Medtronic to receive your full benefits
  • $28,500 of potential payout you could miss out on if you time your Medtronic exit wrong – and how to time it right
  • How to leverage Medtronic’s “True Up” annual matching contribution to build more wealth in your accounts over time

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