Our Philosophy

Why the name
Perspective 6 Group

Perspective 6 — comes from an art known as six-point perspective, where the viewer sees a complete 360 degree view on a single surface. We take a 360 degree look at your entire life situation, before making financial decisions.


We look at all moving parts of your finances through the lens of your whole-life situation. This gives us a complete picture of where you are in life, where you’re going, and what you can do to get there.

Our Visions and Values

We envision a society that has less stress about money and more capacity for good.

Because we believe money is the number one stressor draining energy, creativity, and joy from people’s lives, and it limits the value they bring the world and the legacy they leave.

Our organization is built on trust, focused on extraordinary client outcomes, well-being of employees, and committed to advancing a cause. If we do this first, sustainable profit will follow.

Our Guiding Principles

We guide people to financial freedom by helping align their values with their money.

We care about people and offer our unselfish, thoughtful, respectful, and humble service to our team, clients, and business partners.

 We seek continuous improvement to our knowledge, skills, and capabilities.  We are professionals who are coachable, eager to learn and eager to mentor.

We do the right thing.  Honesty, fairness, and authenticity inform all decisions and interactions.

We build a reputation of dependable excellence and take initiative to provide solutions, improve outcomes, and get the job done.

We create a positive environment that elevates and celebrates each other and a culture of being dependable, achieving success and sharing the rewards.  If we play together–we win together.

We enjoy our life at the office and at home and place high importance on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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