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Perspective 6 Group is a financial planning firm in Minneapolis. We specialize in serving MedTech employees like you. As a professional in the Medical Technology field, your mission-driven career leaves little time to manage your finances. Our team of experienced financial advisors and equity compensation experts are here to help you navigate your complex benefits. We will maximize your company’s equity compensation packages such as ESPPs, RSUs, and stock options. All while reducing your taxes and planning for long-term financial freedom.

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MedTech employees face important questions that demand answers:

We’re here to help you:

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How can I make the most of my company’s stock purchase program?

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How do I optimize the benefits and retirement plans my company provides?

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What strategies can I use to reduce taxes when my income levels push me into higher tax brackets?

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How can I plan to ensure maximum cash flow when I leave my career?

We have the answers.

Wehelp you:

  • Maximize your corporate equity compensation and benefits plans
  • Create a plan for financial independence, so you can focus on your meaningful career
  • Efficiently convert retirement investments into income and minimize taxes
  • Receive personalized attention not found in corporate advisory firms

Matt Nelson, CFP®, AIF®, ECA®

Founder and Managing Partner

With over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, Matt is an expert in serving MedTech professionals. As a Minneapolis local, his focus is helping MedTech professionals eliminate their financial stress, so they have peace of mind. Matt is passionate about helping them achieve financial freedom.

Matthew J. Finley, CFP®

Partner & Senior Financial Advisor

Matt takes a scientific approach to financial services. As a former research microbiologist with several patents, Matt’s approach to financial services is one of extensive research and due diligence when planning and selecting investments for clients.

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