Retired or Soon to Retire?

From any industry, anywhere in the U.S.

Perspective 6 Group has got you!

Whyretire with Perspective 6 Group?

Whether you’re retiring from the Medical Technology industry or any other, preparing to retire correctly goes beyond growing your retirement accounts.

You must plan strategically to minimize fees to earn more from your investments, and convert your retirement investments into income while keeping your tax burden low.

The Perspective 6 Group team has a long history of helping people like you do just that.

Our Retirement Services Focus on 6 Key Areas:

The first step is to create a blueprint for your retirement. We do this by assessing your current financial situation, risk tolerance, and desired retirement lifestyle.

From this, our team will develop personalized retirement strategies tailored to your specific goals.

If your company provides equity compensation or matching contributions, we help you optimize those benefits to increase your retirement savings.

We analyze your current retirement portfolio and make specific investment selections based on where you are now and what your goals are.

Our team will implement asset allocation, while using systematic rebalancing to reduce portfolio volatility – enhancing returns while minimizing risk.

You deserve to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible.

Lowering your post-retirement taxes requires careful, calculated planning.

We design a custom withdrawal strategy that determines the optimal order to draw income for your different accounts and the timing of those withdrawals vs. the use of Pension or Social Security.

Our team also focuses on ongoing tax management by executing buys and sells to both optimize and offset capital gains.

“When is the best time to claim my Social Security benefits?”

This is among the most common questions we get from clients preparing to retire.

The answer – it depends.

Our financial advisors will analyze your Social Security benefits and tell you when exactly the best time is to claim them to meet your goals and enhance your retirement income.

Our financial advisors collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive plan to manage your cashflow to help you reach financial independence.

We will analyze your income streams and expenses, both current and future, to help you maintain a financially sustainable lifestyle throughout your retirement.

It is critical to stick to a well thought out retirement strategy that reflects your finances and goals. Long-term focus is key.

That’s why our team is always available to you to assist in avoiding emotional decisions that could put your assets in jeopardy.

We conduct regular check-ins and reviews to help your retirement plan stay on track. During these meetings we will provide education and performance tracking to give you confidence.

Want us to help you plan for retirement?

The first step is a quick conversation to see if we can help.

Our calls are always relaxed and pressure-free.