Specialized Financial Planning for Retirees & MedTech Professionals

  • Maximize your Benefits
  • Reduce your Taxes
  • Plan for Financial Freedom

Which of These Describes You?

Medical Device Representatives

Medical Device Representatives

How does my fluctuating, commission-based income affect my taxes? What’s the right way to plan financial independence?

We help make the way forward clear.

Executives & Managers

Executives & Managers

No time to manage your own finances?

We help take the pressure off so you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

Founders & Entrepreneurs

Founders & Entrepreneurs

Whether you want to save wealth outside your business, reduce taxes, or just have more time for yourself…

We can help make it happen.

Retired or Soon to Retire

Retired or Soon to Retire

Did I save enough? How much can I spend? For how long, and from where?

We help take the complexity out of planning for retirement.

WhyPerspective 6 Group?

We help professionals in MedTech:

Take full advantage of their company’s equity compensation and benefits plans

Know their finances are in order so they can focus on making an impact in their careers

Convert their retirement investments into income while keeping tax burden low

Receive more personalized attention than with corporate advisory firms

Ready to Get Started?

The first step is a quick conversation to see if we can help.

Our calls are always relaxed and pressure-free.

Case Studies

A Bio-Engineer Wonders Who To Trust With Her Financial Future

Linda is a passionate innovator, with no time for her finances. She wants an advisor, but first she needs to know one thing…

A Medical Device Sales Rep Wants Peace Of Mind 

Michael’s career has been competitive — and successful. But he’s busy, and needs help paying off his debt…

A MedTech Company Executive Prepares To Retire

When Margaret’s financial advisor retired, she was reluctant to trust anyone new with her assets until…

We specialize serving professionals of MedTech companies including:

While you’re working on the cutting edge of life sciences…

We help you Leverage your Unique Benefits & Plan for Financial Freedom

Our calls are always relaxed and pressure-free.

Perspective 6 Group’s Story & Team

Our Industry-Leading Credentials:

Certified Financial Planner

Only 25% of U.S. financial advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals.*

*Source: www.cfp.net, www.cerulli.com

Accredited Investment Fiduciary

Trained professionals held to a high standard of fiduciary responsibility and financial guidance.

Equity Compensation Associate

Qualified to help you understand and optimize your equity compensation and stock purchase plans.

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