Financial Advisory for MedTech: A Unique Approach

A photogrpaph of two MedTech Professionals analyzing their plans to illustrate the unique approach Perspective 6 Group takes when working with industry professionals.

What Makes Perspective 6 Group Unique?

In the world of financial advisory firms, finding one that stands out amidst the multitude can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Perspective 6 Group aims to redefine the norm, offering an experience that intertwines independence, specialization, and a profound commitment to clients’ financial freedom. We pride ourselves on being independent yet deeply connected, leveraging a unique ensemble team approach and specializing in the MedTech and MedDevice industry.

Independence with Collective Strength

Here, we operate autonomously, tailor-making our approach to serve clients. While utilizing the collective strength of being part of the larger Focus Financial Network. This connection opens doors to economies of scale, the efficiencies of a larger organization, and invaluable collaboration among advisors—a synergy that enriches our clients’ experience.

Ensemble Team Approach: A Symphony of Expertise

Our secret ingredient? An ensemble team approach that harmonizes individual expertise into a unified mission. This framework allows us to specialize roles, enhance operational efficiency, and deliver seamless service. Clients aren’t just clients of an advisor; they’re embraced by the entire firm. We align our efforts toward the shared mission of guiding them to financial freedom.

Niche Expertise in MedTech: Delving Deep for Superior Service

What sets us apart is our niche expertise in the MedTech and MedDevice industry. Focusing on this industry enables us to tailor solutions uniquely suited to the specific challenges, aspirations, and planning needs of the professionals within it. It’s a pathway to providing a higher echelon of service and an unparalleled client experience.

Why MedTech?

The answer lies in a journey fueled by passion and purpose. Embracing Jim Collin’s Hedgehog Concept we sought a connection—a niche where expertise could intertwine deeply with purpose. The MedTech industry, with its mission-driven professionals and the perfect alignment with our desire to make a significant impact, became our chosen path.

A pie chart describing The Hedgehog Concept by Jim Collins and how the intersection of all three points is your hedgehog. Perspective 6 Group's unique hedgehog is serving those with a mission in MedTech

Who Do We Serve?

At Perspective 6 Group, our client base reflects diversity united by a common vision—achieving financial freedom. From retired professionals who are ready for their next phase, mid to late-career executives juggling high-stress positions to self-employed consultants seeking strategic financial planning, and budding entrepreneurs venturing into uncharted territory. Our services cater to a spectrum of needs.

What Do We Do for Our Clients?

Our North Star? Guiding clients towards financial freedom. It’s not merely about accumulating wealth but planning for financial freedom. We help clients do this with tax optimization, benefit maximization, protection planning, and enabling avenues for giving back. Our core specialties—Tax Mitigation and Investment Management—form the bedrock upon which we sculpt customized, holistic financial plans.


Through independence in operation, the symphony of an ensemble team, and a niche expertise in MedTech, Perspective 6 Group provides a unique experience—one where clients don’t just dream of financial freedom but live it.

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