Minnesota Twins Team Outing

On June 14th, the Perspective 6 Team ventured out of the office for a day out together! As a team we had just wrapped up our Spring client review season and our quarterly meeting. Therefore, we were ready for some relaxed time together. So, the Perspective 6 Group headed to Target Field to watch the Minnesota Twins take on the Milwaukee Brewers.

We spent our time at the ballpark the way most people do, prioritizing food. In no specific order the following were consumed by members of the team: hotdogs (obviously!), mini donuts, pizza, a pretzel with cheese, fries, and a burger. The bosses got us great seats out of the sun, and we watched a fun game of ball! The Minnesota Twins even scored four runs in one inning!

Photograph of Emily and Abbey from the Perspective 6 Client Service team smiling at the Minnesota Twins game.
The office gals, Emily & Abbey!

The Perspective 6 Group takes pride in the services and value that we are able to provide to our clients. We work hard to ensure that not just your money, but your wellbeing is taken care of. As part of our mission, we do the same for our employees. Consequently, this takes shape in a variety of ways that happen in the office and out of it, like this Minnesota Twins game!

Photograph of Perspective 6 Group financial advisors, Matt Nelson and Jacob LaRue in matching green Focus Financial hats.
Financial Advisors, Matt & Jacob reppin’ the Focus Financial firm hats!

The Perspective 6 Team left the Minnesota Twins game refreshed! That is after we all finally made it out of the parking garages (if you know, you know!). Undoubtedly, team outings enhance our relationships as a team and refuel our purpose. We truly love what we do and who we do it with! If you are looking for a financial advisor book your free Vision Call today!

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