Retirement Planning Journey

Margaret is a trailblazer in the biomedical industry, with an impressive career spanning testing labs, committees, medical device development, and industry conference leadership. As a successful career woman, she has always preferred to delegate her finances to a professional so she can focus on her work. But when her previous financial planner retired, she needed to find someone new.


Margaret needed to optimize her assets and ensure her money was invested in the right places to prepare for her eventual retirement. She wanted a financial advisor who was smart, attentive, trustworthy, and an expert in her industry, with the same personal touch as her previous advisor.


Margaret’s new financial advisor had some big shoes to fill. Her prior advisor had been deeply familiar with her life and finances, and replacing someone she’d worked with for years would be a challenge.


After interviewing several different firms, Margaret decided to go with Perspective 6 Group. She’d been impressed by their extensive knowledge of the unique financial options she had as a professional in the MedTech industry. They asked insightful questions and showed a caring, attentive attitude toward her. With their help, Margaret put her money on the right track and started preparing for her upcoming retirement.


Margaret’s retirement journey has been smooth and stress-free, thanks to her trusted financial advisor at Perspective 6 Group. She is now able to focus on her passions while her finances are well-managed by someone who cares about her and understands her goals. Her advisor is always there to offer specialized, ongoing support, connect her with other professionals when needed, and answer any questions she may have.

For illustrative purposes only, not indicative of any specific investment product.