On the Path to Financial Stability

Michael, now in his mid 50s, has worked as a Medical Device Representative for 25 years. He’d reached a point where he needed help managing his income and keeping his finances organized. He knew that both his profession and his company benefits were unique, and that finding a financial advisor who understood them might be difficult.


Medical device sales is known for its commission-heavy compensation structure and Michael’s income was no exception. Michael wanted to live without worrying about how next month’s sales figures might affect his retirement savings. He needed someone with a forward-thinking mindset to help him manage his finances wisely.


Michael’s income as a commission-based sales representative tended to fluctuate month-to-month. Despite being successful, he knew he needed help understanding, organizing, and optimizing his assets. It was essential to Michael to find an advisor that would manage his finances in a way that would allow him to pay his mortgage and eliminate the fear of losing the lifestyle he had spent years building for his family.


After searching around, Michael managed to find an advisor who specialized in serving professionals, like himself, in the MedTech industry. The Perspective 6 Group helped Michael organize his finances, optimize his income, and manage his IRA assets. Michael was advised to join his Employee Stock Purchase Program (ESPP), which he describes as a “valuable source of income”. Michael credits his advisor at Perspective 6 for joining this program and is grateful he did.


Thanks to his partnership with Perspective 6 Group, Michael now enjoys peace of mind and is on the path to financial stability. Not only are Michael’s finances much cleaner than they were prior, but he has also paid down his debt. He is now confident that he will be able to retire well when the time comes. Michael knows he can rely on Perspective 6 Group to provide solid, experienced approach to market volatility while understanding the nature of risk associated with his career.

For illustrative purposes only, not indicative of any specific investment product.