MWA Ep. 13: A Passion for Legacy with Matthew Finley, CFP®

The MedTech Wealth Advisor Podcast Graphic with Matt Nelson & Matthew Finley for Episode 13: Building Roots: A Passion for Legacy with Matthew Finley, CFP®

Matthew Finley, CFP® on how a background in microbiology revolutionize financial advising.

Discover the remarkable transformation of Matthew Finley, CFP®, Partner & Senior Financial Advisor at Perspective 6 Group. From an aspiring doctor to a successful financial advisor, this is a fascinating episode of The MedTech Wealth Advisor Podcast. Join our host, Matt Nelson as he dives into Matthew’s unique journey, highlighting how personal values and pivotal life decisions can profoundly shape one’s career in financial management.

Key Highlights:

  • Pivotal Career Shift:
    • Dive into Matthew’s decision to move from aspiring doctor to financial advisor, a choice influenced by his quest for work-life harmony
  • Early Inspirations:
    • Discover how Matthew’s grandfather, an astute investor, ignited his passion for finance
  • Diverse Career Journey:
    • Trace Matthews’s path from microbiology research to thriving in the dynamic world of business finance and eventually finding his calling in financial advising
  • Resilience During Financial Crisis:
    • Learn about Matthew’s strategic approach to financial advising during challenging times, including the 2008 recession and recent economic fluctuations
  • Empathetic Client Relationships:
    • Understand how Matthew’s background enables him to relate to clients seeking honest and compassionate financial advice
  • The Man Behind the Advisor:
    • Peek into Matthew’s personal life, from his achievements in distance running to cherishing moments with his family and the great outdoors
  • Wisdom for Aspiring Advisors:
    • Listen to Matthew’s insights on pursuing a financial career passionately while maintaining a balance with personal life
  • And much more!

Looking Ahead: 

Gear up for an inspiring conversation on the Perspective 6 Group investment philosophy in the next episode, where Matthew and Matt will share how diverse life experiences enrich financial decision-making and strategy formation.


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About Matthew Nelson

Matt has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is passionate about helping MedTech professionals maximize their benefits, reduce their taxes, and plan for financial freedom. As the Founder, Managing Partner, and Senior Financial Advisor at Perspective 6 Group, he leads a team of dedicated professionals. The team provides comprehensive and personalized financial planning and investment management services to our clients.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®), Accredited Investment Fiduciary® (AIF®), and Equity Compensation Associate (ECA) Matt specializes in helping our clients navigate the complex and evolving landscape of equity compensation, financial independence, portfolio management, and income tax minimization. Further, he leverages his experience as a private equity investor at Focus Financial Network, Inc., to offer strategic insights and guidance on business succession, valuation, and exit planning. Matt’s mission is to empower our clients to achieve their financial and personal goals with confidence and clarity.

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