Graphic of a person juggling small icons. Icons include piggy bank, credit card, shield, coin, and stock ticker to illustrate the investment decisions of restricted stock units like tax.

What Are the Investment Decisions to Consider with RSUs?

Restricted Stock Units or RSUs are an amazing employee benefit. However, there are investment decisions to consider when looking at RSUs. For instance, the tax implications of restricted stock units or liquidity. Be Sure to Read:…

By Jacob LaRue
August 9, 2023

2 Min Read

Medical Alley Partnership

Perspective 6 Group is excited to announce that we’re officially a Medical Alley partner!  We are thrilled to take part in Medical Alley and its global community. With this partnership, our team will gain even more…

By Emily Peterson
July 24, 2023

2 Min Read

Should I Hold My RSUs After Vesting?

When deciding whether to hold recently vested Restricted Stock Units or RSUs one needs to carefully consider the pros and cons of doing so. Also, be sure to read the first part in this series “What…

By Jacob LaRue
June 28, 2023

3 Min Read

What are RSUs?

Restricted Stock Units or RSUs are a common way for companies to offer additional pay to their executives, directors, and other key employees in the form of company stock. The 4 Key Components of RSUs: The…

By Jacob LaRue
May 21, 2023

2 Min Read