The Journey of Perspective 6 Group

Photograph of Partner, Matthew Finley, standing down the hall in a doorway with Perspective 6 Group's logo on the wall in the foreground to illustrate the journey of Perspective 6 Group.

Let’s take a dive into the roots and journey of Perspective 6 Group. Including its evolution, the team behind its success, and the principles steering its course.

The Beginning: A Transition from Solo to Group

2006 was a pivotal time in Matt Nelson’s career. Matt started as a solo advisor within the independent RIA, Focus Financial. Here he weathered the storm of the 2007-2009 financial crisis and began gradually expanding the practice. Fast forward to 2018, Matt Finley joined the team after beginning his career in 2009 with a breadth of knowledge of the markets and financial planning principles. However, the firm was individual advisor focused. In 2020, the COVID crisis triggered introspection and a subsequent desire to leave a legacy behind. This led to a pivotal decision by both advisors and ultimately became the inception of Perspective 6 Group in 2021.

Building a Unified Team: A Shared Vision

The transition to Perspective 6 was more than a change in name; it was about redefining our approach. Joining forces and creating the partnership laid the foundation for a unified, client-centric practice. Which is turn led to a team structure that allowed for specialization, while amplifying client support and experience.

Meet the Team Driving Success

The strength of Perspective 6 Group lies in its diverse team, each member bringing unique expertise and passion to the table:

  • Matt Nelson (Managing Partner, CFP®, AIF®, ECA): Provides strategic direction, financial planning oversight, marketing and communications, and client onboarding.
  • Matthew Finley (Partner, CFP®): Leads the investment research, investment portfolio design and strategy implementation along with engaging with existing client relationships. 
  • Jacob LaRue (Advisor, CFP®): An integral part since 2016, he spearheads financial planning and tax research, collaborating closely with the team on portfolio implementation.
  • Abbey Marquardt (Practice Manager): Instrumental in managing client support operations and keeping the office on track, ensuring seamless client onboarding and team coordination.
  • Brandon Hebert (Client Support): A ten-year legacy whose expertise aids in client services and account maintenance.
  • Emily Peterson (Client Support & Marketing): Balancing client support with marketing implementation and communications to round out this dynamic team.
Mission and Values: Guiding Principles

At the heart of Perspective 6 Group lies a resolute Mission and set of Values, serving as guiding beacons:

Mission Statement: “We Guide People to Financial Freedom – envisioning a society with less money-related stress and more capacity for goodness.”

Inspired by Simon Sinek’s “The Infinite Game,” the firm aligns with the purpose of business: Advancing a Cause, Protecting People, and Generating Profit—in that order.

Firm’s Values:

  • Caring for Humans
  • Taking Pride in Craft
  • Being Authentic
  • Delivering Results
  • Supporting Each Other
  • Living a Well-rounded Life

These values echo the commitment to assist people while excelling as a team and embracing a balanced approach to life.

Perspective 6: An Art of Multiple Dimensions

The name Perspective 6 Group comes from the art world, the concept of drawing from six perspectives. That definition mirrors our approach to financial advisory. We look at all moving parts of a client’s finances through the lens of their whole-life situation. This gives us a complete picture of where they are in life, where they’re going, and how we can help get them there.


Perspective 6 Group isn’t merely a financial advisory firm; it’s a testament to resilience, vision, and the power of a unified team dedicated to guiding individuals towards financial empowerment. We are proud of what we are building and the journey it took to Perspective 6 Group to where it is today.

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